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Universal Sense of Belonging

Key Concepts

  • All voices are invited, welcomed and heard
  • Teachers create compassionate, caring learning communities in their classrooms
  • Parent involvement is encouraged; parents are welcome in all aspects of school life
  • Every student has an array of friends and acquaintances that are age-appropriate
  • Every student/staff/parent has at least one meaningful relationship with an adult member of the school staff


All members of the school community feel equally valued and empowered to exercise their citizenship and democratic rights. Recognizing and celebrating their valued role and potential, rather than assuming limitations fosters a sense of belonging, acceptance and recognition for all members of the school community. The school encourages social equality of diverse populations.

2.1 Belonging

All members of the school community ensure the school at large and all classrooms are inviting and welcoming places. Staff members nurture compassionate, caring learning communities by teaching to the heart and mind of each student. Inclusive communities create a variety of opportunities to nurture the talents, skills, capacities and choices of ‘all students’ and adults, including providing multiple opportunities for all students to participate in activities and interactions that build social relations. Staff members purposefully check this is working for community members.

2.2 Meaningful Relationships

All members of the school community are woven into the fabric of the school. Each member of the school community has at least one meaningful relationship with a staff member. Every student has an array of age appropriate friends and acquaintances. Every student has a variety of social networks including close friends, acquaintances, peers with whom they share experiences, etc. When needed, adults facilitate the building of social networks. Students have the opportunity to provide support and assistance to others.

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