Anne Kresta, M.Sc.

Anne brings her personal experience as a mother, sibling and long-time advocate for inclusive education and community development.  She has worked at local, provincial and national levels to plan and deliver conferences, projects, resources and information sessions related to inclusive educational experiences of students with disabilities and autism spectrum disorder in our public school systems.  With expertise in project management and facilitated conversations (ICA level I and II), Anne has been involved in many initiatives targeted at increasing community involvement of people of all ages living with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder, from inclusive child care, through elementary, middle and high school and into post-secondary education and employment.

During her tenure at Community Living Manitoba, Anne developed and produced the Parent’s Guide to Inclusive Education, the Planning Inclusive Cultures in Schools (PICS) Project, the Personal Guide to the Vulnerable Persons Act and numerous workshops ranging from advocacy, collaborative planning, individual education plans, transition to adulthood, to system navigation.

In October 2009, Anne submitted “Inclusive Education in Manitoba A Review of Progress Toward Appropriate Education for All,” to Inclusion International and Inclusion Europe for the Global Conference on Inclusive Education, University of Salamanca, Spain.  This was followed with a report on Parent Perspectives on Inclusive Education in 2012.  She also contributed to Exploring Inclusive Educational Practices through Professional Inquiry, edited by Gordon Porter, C.M. (Sense Publishers, 2011).

In 2018, Anne authored a research study on accessibility in education for Barrier-Free Manitoba: Equity-in-Education-final-20180220

Anne offers workshops and support in:

  • An Introduction to Asperger Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Advocacy and Collaborative Problem Solving (for parents)
  • Group facilitation and focused conversations (ICA Associates, Level 1)
  • Inclusive Education – an overview for parents and caregivers
  • Systems and Service Navigation in Manitoba
  • Transitioning into School
  • Transitioning to Adulthood
  • Planning Inclusive Cultures in Schools (PICS) facilitator training

Services Specialties

Launch into Life: Transition to Adulthood
Profiling Inclusive Cultures in School (PICS)
Parent Advocacy and Collaboration with Schools
Asperger Syndrome Workshop