Psychological Assessment

Consultant:  Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk, Ph.D.

School psychology services are at a premium in Manitoba. Schools and divisions are often unable to hire trained psychologists or simply need to complement their current staff for specific purposes. As a Manitoba certified school psychologist with a doctorate in Psychology, Sheri-Lynn is willing to enter into short-term contracts to conduct psychological assessment for students. The psychological assessment focus could be:

  • Cognitive/Intellectual,
  • Learning,
  • Behavioural, or
  • Classroom Management.

Contracts will include time required for file reviews, consultation with team members including the student and parents, observations and assessment activities, verbal and written reporting, and travel. The contracting organization must take responsibility for case management including activities such as: obtaining parental permission, making files available, organizing and chairing necessary meetings, and arranging adequate schedules, space and materials.

Availability: as negotiated when contracted by an educational organization but not with individuals.