Education Solutions Manitoba Services

Aboriginal Perspectives in Education

Aboriginal Drumming

Administrative Mentorship

An Introduction to Asperger Syndrome/Autism Spectrum Disorder

An Introduction to the Vulnerable Persons Act

Assessment Training

Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultation

Autism Spectrum Disorder Professional Development

Bodytalk: Consciousness Support in the Complex Classroom

Developing a Service Learning Credit Option in Senior Years

Educational Program Evaluation

Facilitating School and Program Evaluation

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Consultation

Formative Review of Student Services

Gender Equity, Bullying and Personal Acceptance

Group Facilitation and Participatory Strategic Planning

Inclusive Special Education

Interpersonal Facilitation

Know my students: Know my curriculum

Launch into Life: Transition to Adulthood for individuals with special needs and their families

Literature reviews, Outcome Comparisons, other Research

Mediation or Group Conferencing for Dispute Resolution

Project Management

Parent Advocacy and Collaboration with Schools

Parent Leadership Development

Professional Growth in the Education System

Psychological Assessment

Research into Autism Spectrum Disorder

School Leadership

Seven Sacred Teachings

Strategic Planning using PATH

Transition to Adulthood and Service Navigation for Students with Special Needs

Transition to Post-Secondary Education for Students with Special Needs

Towards and More Satisfying and Competent Employment Experience

Transgender Issues in Schools

Working with Stress and Supporting Yourself